Saturday, November 24, 2012

Cyber Move

SO, I have used my allotted  photo space with this blog account. Follow the link to my new blog to continue to follow our family adventures.



Saturday, October 27, 2012

It's not what you want..... pictures that is.   I know, I know....I'm getting to it. I just need to take them, and I've been waiting for a few more things to be finished (not perfection, just a couple things that need to be done). But here's us in the meantime.
enjoying the evenings
and the mornings

and the leaves

and more than one bathroom

and reading

and train building (of which I am the master)

and our new additions, Mrs. Frisby and Tonna,
and the home owner responsibilities (den has the end of a rain gutter duct tape to his leaf blower to clean out the gutters. my man is a genius :)

and our imaginations (van is her pet dog, willingly by the way)  

and the woods (for ex. making an awesome fort)
and I love the details that the kids thought of.

and we are enjoying this. Hopefully this will hold you over for a while. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

September #2

Laundry/Mud room floor
Master Bath floor

Boys bathroom
Railing on the garage landing

Stair railing and trim and doors (which yours truly stained, den helped a bit, and gina too)
Have I mentioned how hard Den and others are working for us? I'm so thankful!

Kitchen before counter tops
Kitchen after counter tops. I LOVE them.

Counter close up.
And some extra cuteness for good measure.

For anyone who is confused: We are living with Den's parents, and hopefully moving in to our house very soon. We have started homeschooling but will dive more into that once we are settled in our new home. 

September #1

1st day of Preschool!

Do not be deceived by this sweet spaghetti covered face. He has been a royal stinker. (some of the time)

Celebrated mom in law Donna's birthday. Frogmore feast at Dave and Gina's. Four generations present.  Thankful for this woman and that she is willing to let us crash their pad while we finish our house!

Front doors, partially installed kitchen, hickory flooring in great room and our ugly old fridge to keep it real.

The brothers working hard to make me happy.

My boy. He lost another tooth!  When does this stop?

August #2

I was able to take the 3 littles to Dutch Wonderland before we moved south.  The older two worked hard and read tons to earn their free tickets to go. I took Van along and he loved it. Always fun to have a day of yeses with the kids. Loved it.
In one of the lines I saw what my brother could look like in the future...almost.

Uncle Dave is a hero when he gives go cart rides. Notice the safety goggles on Joash. Safety is obviously a priority once again on the Spangler farm.
Some of us don't like it when the ride is over. You can tell that I am very sympathetic.

Spangler fam reunion 2012!  Dennis' dad is in the blue on the right with is siblings. Yes, 10 kids.

Van and Joash at their preschool open house.  They are not in the same class and I think it's probably a good thing. TROUBLE!

*For all of you that are thinking...ya ya ya...where are the house photos? Hold your horses, they are coming.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Dennis has been super busy. Bless his hard working self.

We had an anniversary! 13 years. Love him. Dinner at home with the kids (well...really at Tina's where we were camping out for a week while she was at the beach with her family.) Spinach & garlic stuffed pork loin, roasted potatoes, asparagus.  Went downtown for dessert at Pour where I had the blackberry sampler (no longer in season) and Den had a salami plate.

At our Lapp home staycation.
He broke into his buddy Sydney's shoe stash.

Our life in boxes.

Took one last walk/ride down Clearview Rd.

Some of us didn't get it at first.

One last ball game in the yard.

A paint mishap from the early years.

What I was greeted with when we first  moved in during a huge snow of January 2005.
What I won't miss.      
We were grateful for this home. It was a lot of room, a lot of character and very little rent. It allowed me to be close to everything convenient and close to some dear friends who were a support in the first "dark years" here. We brought 2 babies home to this house.  This place was a gift.  But I am over it. Being close to all those places and people...not so over that. But the healing will come. To this house I say "Yes, go.  I would not wish you back again."

Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Last week I heard the sounds of progress. It sounds loud and wonderful. We have a ways to go but a good chunk of our hard wood flooring is in!
A huge thanks to these guys! Dan, brother in law Dave and my man Dennis.  Here they are standing in the kitchen with the dining room behind them.

Coming in the front door.

Powder room.

Part of the hallway that is between living area and laundry room. The laundry area will not be hard wood.

Have I mentioned that we are officially homeschoolers? I received my approval letter from the district a couple days ago.  We are just doing a few things here and there to get their juices flowing again, before we dive into it once we move in.  Some math and grammar review and Eden is starting to learn cursive.  Why homeschooling? I'll tell you later.  I need to go to bed.  Also you may or may not notice that this is not our table.  Jesse's lungs don't agree with our current home. So this is the second time that we've been able to stay at someone's place while they are on vacation. This week it's Den's sister at the beach.  Next week another dear friend offered her home while they also go to the beach. I've been calling it our stay-cations.  It is nice that we are close enough to home to run back and get a few things done in the morning and be able to come back and have naps, dinner and bedtime in central AC. AND use their wifi...that we do NOT have a home. Thus my more frequent blog posts. Everybody wins.